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Utah’s ADHD Specialists for Children and Adults

Everyone has a story - we take time to listen

As Specialists, we know how complex and misunderstood ADHD can be. We understand the many ways it impacts quality of life, and how these impacts can be very different for children versus adults, and for women versus men.

Why Choose A Specialist?

Specialists have the experience and knowledge of how neurodiverse brains function. As ADHD Specialists, we understand the interplay of ADHD and emotional regulation, relationships, school and work, executive functioning, shame and self-esteem. We can help you manage anxiety and depression too.

  • What to Expect

    We allow time for a comprehensive evaluation to explore the full scope of your concerns. This helps us rule out conditions that may mimic ADHD, or discover that ADHD is present with other diagnoses like depression or anxiety.

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  • There is no one-size-fits-all treatment

    Each person’s ADHD is unique. We will discuss together a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and is evidence-based.

    This may include lifestyle changes, new coping strategies, academic and work accommodations, medication, supplements, and therapy recommendations.

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There's Hope and Help -
Education and Strategies

ADHD Specialists can give you the knowledge and education you and the whole family need. From parenting skills for ADHD children to strategies for improving planning, organization, and time management for all ages.

Recognizing and learning how to manage your ADHD strengths is an important part of your education.

Woman Doctor talking to Girl Patient
Woman Doctor talking to Girl Patient

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